Jom Webplayer

A module to Display the Jom Webplayer and play videos in your module positions.

Steps to enable Jom Webplayer Upload Module:

1. Login to your Joomla back-end.

2. Select, Extensions -> Module Manager -> Jom Webplayer -> New.

3. Enable the module and fill up the Module parameters according to the following table.

Fields Description
Is FFMPEG Available Allow users to upload via FFMPEG Type.
Allow Youtube Videos Allow users to upload YouTube Videos.
Allow Dailymotion Videos Allow users to upload Dailymotion Videos.
Allow RTMP Streams Allow users to upload RTMP Videos.
Allow SMIL files Allow users to upload SMIL Videos.
Allow Lighttpd Videos Allow users to upload Lighttpd Videos.
Allow Bitgravity Videos Allow users to upload Bitgravity Videos.

Finally click Save Button.

Jom Webplayer Search Module

A module to enable the Jom Webplayer Search field in your module positions. This will search only the Jom Webplayer Videos based on the Title of the video.