Jom Webplayer

Steps to Create Jom WebplayerPlugins:

1. Login to your Joomla back-end.

2. First of all you have to enable the , Plug-in Manager -> Jom Webplayer -> plugin

3. After that you just provide the plugin codes in your article page and enable the JomWebplayer in articles. Kindly check the Plugin codes below

4. Fill up the form. Most of the fields are self explanatory. Anyhow, it's advisable to refer the explanation below before adding your inputs.

Fields Description Example
Width Can be used to control the Width of the player plugin. {jomwebplayer width=640}
Height Can be used to control the Height of the player plugin. {jomwebplayer width=640 height=360}
Autostart This is a Boolean value. This when kept as True would start the player automatically when the page starts loading. This is kept as False by default. {jomwebplayerautoStart=true}
Video This is used to add video to the player. Using this code a single video can be added by giving the video path of the video. {jomwebplayer video=videopath}
Category This could be used to categorize the videos as done in the Component and Module. Using the code you could add videos by their categories. {jomwebplayer category=sports}Jomwebplayer plugin allows you to add multiple categories using comma(,).Example: {jomwebplayercategory=sports,cinema}

Adding Videos

Direct URL This option lets you add your Videos by providing direct link to the videos. {jomwebplayer video=videopath}
Youtube videos This option lets you add videos from Youtube by providing a link to your favorite videos. Caution Note: Do not copy and paste the URL of your favorite Youtube videos as this may in turn have broken links that may disrupt the video. Paste in a Notepad or a Wordpad beforecopying to the Jomwebplayer Plugin. {jomwebplayer type=youtube video=youtube video page URL}
Dailymotion videos This option lets you add videos from Dailymotion by providing a link to your favorite videos. {jomwebplayer type=dailymotion video=dailymotion video page URL}
RTMP This option allows you to add video from special servers like Wowza, Red5&FMS. . {jomwebplayer type=rtmpstreamer=your streamer video=video name}
SMIL This option allows you to add videos using CDN streaming. CDN streaming is used to stream videos effectively within a short period of time. {jomwebplayer type=highwinds video= video path}
Lighttpd This option allows you to add http pseudo streaming videos from the servers that are enabled with http pseudo streaming modules. {jomwebplayer type=Lighttpd video=videopath}
Bitgravity This option allows you to add videos that support live stream using Bitgravity. The greatness of this option is that you could go back to a particular time of the video when the live stream is on and running. {jomwebplayer type=bitgravity video=videopath}

4. Click Save Button at the top right corner.