Jom Webplayer

A module to Display the Jom Webplayer and play videos in your module positions.

Steps to enable Jom Webplayer Module:

1. Login to your Joomla back-end.

2. Select, Extensions -> Module Manager -> Jom Webplayer -> New.

3. Enable the module and fill up the Module parameters according to the following table.

Fields Description
Width Width of the player.
Height Height of the player.
Categories Select the Video categories that should be played in this player.
Show Video Title Enable/Disable Video title.
Show Video Description Enable/Disable Video Description.
Autoplay Start playing the video at once the video page is loaded.
Skin Mode
  • static - Default mode and skin will be static inside the player.
  • float - Skin will be displayed only on moving the cursor inside.
PlayList AutoStart Option to start the Next Video automatically at the end of the Current Playing Video.
PlayList Open Opens the playlist by default at once the player is loaded.
PlayList Random Plays the videos randomly.
Buffer Value An Integer value between 0 - 10. This value is used to control the amount of video data (in seconds) to be captured in advance to make the playback smooth. Recommended value is 3.
Intial Volume Level An Integer value between 0 - 100. This value is used to control the initial volume of the Video Playback.
Stretch Type
  • Fill - Video will be scaled to fill the player stage in uniform. This is the default method and the edges of the video may be trimmed based on the video size.
  • Uniform - Video will be scaled evenly to fit the player stage and this is the recommended method.
  • Original - Video will be displayed with it's original size inside the player.
  • Exact Fit - Video will be stretched to fit the player size. So the video may look hard, if the player and video sizes are diferent.
Enable ControlBar Show (or) Hide the Player Control Bar.
Enable PlayPause Dock Show (or) Hide the Play button.
Enable Progress Bar Show (or) Hide the Progress Bar.
Enable Timer Dock Show (or) Hide the video timer.
Enable Share Dock Show (or) Hide the share button.
Enable Volume Dock Show (or) Hide the volume button.
Enable FullScreen Dock Show (or) Hide the fullscreen button.
Enable Play Dock Show (or) Hide the PlayDock.
Enable PlayList Show (or) Hide the playlist.
Autodetect Video Enable to Auto detect the video in the module and play.
Module Class Suffix Jom Webplayer has the support for Joomla's native Module styling feature that could be used to design the front-end of it's Modules. Check this link to know more about this feature.

Finally click Save Button.